Wetang’ula gives approval for the impeachment motion against CS Linturi


The National Assembly speaker, Moses Wetang’ula, has given his approval to a motion seeking to impeach Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi, paving the way for a heated debate.

The motion which was proposed by the Bumula MP Jack Wanami had met the required threshold.

“In determining the admissibility of the motion proposed by the Member, I am required to examine two key issues. The first issue is whether the proposed motion meets the requirements of the Constitution and Standing Orders as to form the threshold required to meet such a motion.

“I find that the proposed motion by the Member for Bumula meets the requirements of Article 152 of the Constitution and standing order 66 as to form the threshold required for a member to move a motion for dismissal of a CS.” The speaker said.

Impeachment motion

MP Wamboka, had revealed that he is backed by the signatures of 110 legislators. He said the fertiliser scandal is not the first in the Ministry of Agriculture, noting that it has eroded the confidence of farmers and thereby negatively affecting efforts by the government to achieve food security.

“The motion is rooted in grave allegations of gross misconduct, violation of constitutional provisions and serious breach of public trust. The evidence presented before the assembly paints a distressing picture of negligence, mismanagement and potential of criminal activities within the ministry,” Wamboka said in a Thursday press address.

While urging fellow lawmakers to support the motion, Wamboka said it is not politically motivated neither is it grounded on witch-hunt.

He said members of from across the political divide have signed his motion, insisting that the impeachment is meant to help the President achieve his dream of food security in the country.

“I firmly believe that the gravity of this allegations demand swift and decisive action. As elected representatives it’s our duty to hold public officers accountable and to safeguard the interests of the people that we serve,” he said.

“Agriculture is such a key sector, we want to tell the President, please don’t allow one rogue minister to derail your agenda of attaining food security in the country.”

Separately, on Sunday Linturi was at Riiji Parish in Central Imenti, Meru, where he stated that his conscience is clear and he doesn’t fear impeachment, as President William Ruto knows he has performed well in the Agriculture docket.

If successful, Linturi could become the first CS under Ruto’s administration to be impeached.

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